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Welcome to our homepage of NewOptics.
Our Company listens to the voice of the customer to create a win-win ecosystem of differentiated technology and state of the art products to open a new world of display possibilities.

Since 2005 the company NewOptics has been developing BLU and Module for TV and LCD monitors. Recently we have started to produce Large screen, Extreme LCD TVs and OLED TV sets. Going forward, we are creating a new generation of new displays and established as the leading company for commercial Display.

Our company NewOptics listens to customer’s voice and always trying hard to provide best service and products. This is based on our widely developed experience in producing and exporting, also we are providing the best solution for China, South Korea and Mexico’s global site. We are trying our very best to satisfy the customers and also the renowned trust of our product.

We are at the cutting edge of design and engineering, utilizing new skills and production techniques to bring the ultimate technology displays to the market, designed with finesse and total user satisfaction experience. Our dream and belief is to deliver our reliable company philosophy to build the exceptional differentiated display products that provide complete comfort and joyful user quality experience. With our new display's world, we will aim to jump over the current displays ideas with our employees to use their ideas freely with global innovation and progress.

NewOptics is open minded and acts with our marketing partners to coexist with the environment, sharing our core values with the philosophy of nature and equilibrium. At NewOptics we are striving to create the new dynamic synergy between technology and the world, our members producing the adaptive solutions that flow through and contribute to the whole of humanity. This is the constant change of flexibility in our gentle belief that drive such successful products, delivering the complete solution to all our customers and the environment where they can be seen.

The new world vision of display, Newoptics will be your eyes.

Thank you.

Byung-Soo Kim

Corporation NEWOPTICS Head Office: 314 Nam-myeon,Hyuam-ro 392beon-gil   Yangju-si  Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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